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The brand ‘Unsuikyo’ is inspired by the beautiful natural forest scenes in Japan named Shiratani Unsuikyō, 白谷雲水峡.

We love nature. We all have a great desire to live with nature. That’s why our glasses make use of natural materials like fine pine-wood, textured stones, and more quality ingredients. Here we present you an extracted raw beauty combined with modern design, results in comfortable, unique and of course full of natural wonder at Unsuikyo eyewear.

UNSUIKYO likens stones to life itself. The brand believes that stones are symbolic of the history they have lived, where they’ve overcome many “trials and tribulations” in order to become who they are, just like a human.


UNSUIKYO渴望與大自然互融共存,品牌名稱啟發於日本自然森林美景─白谷雲水峡(Shiratani Unsuikyō)以「崇尚自然,與大自然共融」為創作理念,特意選用原生天然物料,運用質感豐富的原石和優質木材,加入融合技術,為您呈獻現代與原始美結合的原創眼鏡設計。


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